Thursday, 10 April 2008

Slow Mac


My Mac PowerMacG4 running OSX, has started to post a funny note [1] always
on start up and sometimes during open up [2] for instance of Acrobat.

It is also running painfully slowly to the extent that I have started to
file/dump things etc. 74 GB of which 46 free.

The notes vary slightly

1 Start up note: in box panel

System/Library/Extensions/SymOSXKernalUtilities.kext was installed
improperly and cannot be used. Please re-install it or contact your service

Or 2

System/Library/Extensions/symfs.kext was installed etc....ditto

Any ideas?



[In the last 2 days for no reason I can fathom my Entourage appearance looks
different - sort of basic]

Hi Philippa

Are you running Norton Antivirus?

The error message you see used to be the result of a conflict between Norton and versions of Adobe Acrobat/Distiller.

You can either disable Norton's filesaver and Norton Auto-protect features.

Or un-install Norton altogether:

Then download a perfectly adequate donation-ware antivirus software ClamXav.

If your mac is running slowly, I think it's time to add more RAM memory from say:

Also buy an external hard drive to store your work. It's good to leave adequate space like 5GB on your main hard drive (Macintosh HD) for virtual memory.

Can't fathom why Entourage is misbehaving, usually the following routine may cure some of its ills:

Rebuild Disk Permissions:

* Utilities folder
* Disk Utility
* Select Philippa's computer or Macintosh HD
* Right-hand window: press the button labelled "Repair Disk Permissions"

Hope that helps...

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