Monday, 20 October 2008

System Preferences

My iBook (running 10.4.11) is not picking up the wi-fi after it is starting up or waking from sleep. I have to select the network manually in the Airport menu. When I try to go to Network in System Preferences to try to resolve this I automatically get the box which says "Your network settings have been changed by another application." Every time I click OK on this box to close it, it reopens preventing me from doing anything else. I have to Force Quit System Preferences in order to move on.

Any ideas?

Hi Ray

This too happen to me on my old G4 Desktop running Tiger. This has affected many running this "old" system. Sadly it looks like Apple is not in a rush to fix it as they're concentrating on Leopard.

The problem started with a recent series of Security Fixes. The installer corrupted the Network prefs. One can of course change everything using Terminal, but the simplest work around is as follows:
  1. System Pref > Security
  2. "Check" Require password to unlock each secure system preference
  3. Goto Network (this should prevent the "network setting have changed..." loop)
  4. Change your Airport settings (you may have to unlock the padlock before making the change)
  5. Lock the changes
I'm puzzled why you have to change the Airport settings after sleep. Presumably your Airport is set to Automatic and DHCP?

Thanks Galen,

That has fixed the Network problem, but despite being on Automatic and DCHP I still have to choose the wireless network manually.


Hi Ray

Re: Losing connection after sleep, have you tried the following?
  • System preferences > Network > Show > "Name of airport connection, Automatic?"
  • Click on Airport Tab > Options > un-check "disconnect from wireless networks when I log out"
  • Close Sys Prefs
Alternatively you could try deleting you current network settings and setting it from scratch again.
  • System Prefs > Network > Location (Go through the all the locations and write down all the settings)
  • Location > Edit location > delete the lot
  • Location > New location > re-establish all the locations you've deleted
It is normal for the computer to disconnect from Airport when asleep to preserve energy, maybe something in the settings is making it forget.

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