Saturday, 11 July 2009

MS Outlook says "Disk Full"


I tried clearing quite a lot of emails yesterday, but after downloading about 5 new emails from MS Exchange it came up with same rejection - disc full.

I am wondering if there is any way that I could export the majority of emails into an archive file, which could be reactivated purely for search purposes in the future - it us just because there is such a lot of data which retains use for me as reference.

Actual hard disc space from the 'file - get info' looks as though I have masses of reserve space on the hard disc:

USED: 9.92 GB

Is there any way of tweaking the database to increase the capacity?

All suggestions welcome.

Hi Rod

From memory, Outlook has it's own database-fix tool.

Try starting Outlook with the option key down. This should give you a dialogue box asking if you want to COMPACT the database. Click on YES.

See if that has improved the situation, else start Outlook again with the option key down. Say no to compacting the database but YES to COMPLEX REBUILD.

Hope that helps

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