Thursday, 15 May 2008

Keychain password problem


The prompt to type in the keychain password comes up all the time. It wont recognize my password.

Please advise,

Ian Henderson


You don't say which version of Mac OS you're using, so I'll assume you're using the the latest Leopard (Mac OS 10.5.x)

Go to your home folders library look for Keychains. Open Keychains and inside there should be a file login.keychain for now put this file on your desktop (this is your old keychain).

Reset your keychain following on the apple support page instructions below:

  1. After you have reset your Keychain, open the Keychain Access application.
  2. Open the old login.keychain you placed on your desktop.
  3. Drag and drop the keychain items from the old keychain to the new keychain entering your password when prompted
  4. When you are done and every thing is working you can trash the old login.keychain

If you're not using Leopard, then by following Apple's instructions you may lose some if not all your existing keychain items. There is no way around this, I'm afraid.

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