Thursday, 13 December 2007

Airport problem


My name is Jessica, I was wondering if you could give me a call or help regarding a problem with my colleagues new Mac she has just bought.

Myself and the other girl who works with me have both got apples as well and are connected to the internet via an airport but Josie (the girl with the new Mac) hers keeps coming offline, I cant seem to find the problem, any ideas?

Many thanks for your help
Kind regards

Hi Jessica

Is Josie working in same room as yourself or in another room? Is she sitting next to anything that may cause interference eg, microwave oven, TV, radio? What is the signal strength from the airport indicator in the menu bar? How many bars are black?

Settings you can try are: switching on "Use interference robustness" or change the channel that Airport broadcasts. These options are discussed in the Airport base station setup guide.

With regards to Mac MOT, I'm afraid geographic distance prohibits this. We're based in Scotland. May I suggest looking at the classified ads at the back of MacWorld or Mac User for London based Mac Help.


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