Wednesday, 2 January 2008

MBP won't start after Apple updates!

I shut down my Macbook pro OS X , version 10.4.8 having been asked to shut down after downloading upgrades and it simply won’t start again.
Please help
David Wixon

Hi David
  • Can you boot up using your original install DVD?
  • Can you boot up in SAFE mode? Holding down the shift key soon after you hear the chime, and keeping held down until the login screen.
  • Do you see the grey Apple logo?
  • Try booting up holding down Apple +"S" key together before you hear the chime. After you see a screenfull of code against a black background, key in the command fsck -f. Leave the computer to carry out it's self maintenance. On completion, key in reboot.
  • If all else fails, I'm afraid there's a corrupt driver. You'll then have to do an "Archive and Install" using your Install DVD. Better to do a complete erase and install, but this assumes you have a good backup.

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