Monday, 9 February 2009

Is this Mac Virus?


Are you able to help?

We have recently set up with broadband. We have a mac oxs laptop and seem to have acquired a virus. Everytime we go to write an email an 'alert' box appears saying something like 'we could not complete the spellcheck'. Once you've okayed it it disappears and then re-appears 2 seconds later. Any suggestions I have no idea what to do.

When setting up the braodband and wireless router i was instructed to turnoff the norton antivirus and inadvertantly forgot to turn it on so presume that's how the virus got in (obviously i switched it back on as soon as i realised

Many thanks

Hi Karen

It's not a virus, it just a corrupt link between the application and the spell checker.

Sadly the Spell checker is part of the core system of the computer and one way is to back up all your important files and then use your original system CD's to do an "Archive and Install". You can refer to the Apple Website for further details.

However before performing such a major operation, try this.

Reset the the "PRAM" (Parameter RAM)
  1. Restart the computer and immediately hold down 4 keys: the "Option/Alt", "Apple/command", "P" and "R" keys.
  2. Hold them down until you hear the start up tones three times
  3. Release the keys to allow the computer to complete the Boot sequence
  4. When the Desktop appears, try Apple Mail
Hope that helps

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